Giant Squid Found Dead on the Cantabria Beach in Spain

According to a new report, a 30 feet giant squid monster has been found dead near a shore in the northern Spanish community of Cantabria.

This deep-sea monster is of the weight of 400 pounds, which looks similar to the mythical gargantuan creature. This big creature surprised all the visitors on the beach.

The unique feature in this big giant is that the size of its eye is equal to that of the human brain. It is declared as the largest invertebrate with the eight arms and two longer feeding tentacles, which the squid use to eat food.

According to El Diario Montanes, the giant squid is currently placed at the Maritime Museum of Cantabria. The experts placed that monster in the museum to preserve this specimen for the future research.

Gerardo Garcia Castrillo, museum director, said that the museum already contains two similar but smaller specimens of squids.

The scientists of the museum and the government will decide the destiny of this dead giant squid. They will decide as to whether this giant will be placed permanently in the museum or will be structured into pieces for the further research by the scientists.

Tsunemi Kubodera, zoologist from Japan's National Science Museum, Tokyo, captured the first footage of this elusive creature in its natural habitat off the Ogasawara Islands.