Teams from Central Europe Dominate Scoreboard at 2013 US Solar Decathlon

The US Solar Decathlon of the year 2013 was held at Orange County Calif. Teams from Central Europe rules the score board by grabbing top positions. Though one formidable Southwest candidate, Team Las Vegas is placed at second position.

German-speaking Europeans have come out as a winner for the third time in the history of 11 years of the event.

The awards ceremony was held this weekend. During the ceremony, Austrian team participated. The team was composed of students and mentors from the Vienna Institute of Technology. This team was declared as the winner of the 2013 edition of the U. S.

It was a 10 day event. Throughout its time period, every team took part in 10 different competitions.

Austria's team had a handsome-looking entry with a clunky acronym LISI. LISI means Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation. The team acquired first place in the Communications contest (94 points) and second in the Market Appeal contest (93 points). In addition, Team Austria grabbed fourth position in the Entertainment contest. In this contest, there were total of 19 competing teams. They were required to host two dinner parties for the judges and the "neighbors" of the competition.

The victory was very much justified. The website of the team was eye-catching and their public outreach drive was user-friendly. The execution was also done beautifully.