Global Warming a Curse in Society

With gradual increase in the field of science and technology, new plants and industries are being developed. These factories contribute a lot towards the cause of global warming.

Global warming is the process of increase in carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases in the atmosphere. Global warming is also held responsible for the change in climatic conditions. But, as per a latest report, government staunchly does not want to believe that climatic conditions are causing the wildfires ravaging parts of eastern Australia.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of the country, completely disagrees with the statement and calls it as non-sense. But, Greg Hunt, Environment Minister, opposes the statement of the Prime minister and said that humans are not held responsible for the change in climatic conditions.

The Abbott's government released a report on the climate science organization saying that there exists a link between the climate change and the wildfires. According to the new figures, September is declared as the hottest month in New South Wales State. Moreover, the last 12 months preceding has been the hottest year on record across Australia.

The state funding policy to the Climate Commission was abolished by the government, but they continue to survive on public donations, as they complete their work of illustrating clear information regarding global warming.