Plan to Include Lesser Prairie Chicken under Endangered Species Act

On Wednesday, a voluntary conservation plan was backed by federal wildlife regulators, which meant for the lesser prairie chicken.

Reportedly, the plan has been worked out by a total of five states, wherein one could find the rare grouse.

Financial incentives for the landowners are being demanded by the plan framed by the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA). It has been found that these landowners run their property so that the species that was a candidate for years for federal protection could be benefitted.

The species is currently under a proposal to be included in the Endangered Species Act.

As per the report, an agenda to alleviate the developmental activity effects is also offered by the latest scheme. The development activity might comprise oil and gas drilling, whose impact would probably be lessened all across the range of the bird. Regions such as New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado are bridged by the species.

"The lesser prairie chicken is a key indicator and harbinger of the health of the southern Great Plains and grasslands across the central United States as a whole", avowed executive director of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Carter Smith. He also is the president of WAFWA.