Austria Gets Greetings from Obama for National Austrian Day

The Austrian National Day is to be celebrated the following day. It has been revealed that American President Barack Obama has already congratulated Austria.

The special day comprises a military march past to rejoice in the capital Vienna. The merriment dates back to the 2nd Republic's beginning after World War II. Also, the day is marked as one that followed the day, when the Austrian territory was left by the last foreign troops.

The War end had paved a way for four Allied powers, viz. United States, Soviet Union, France and Great Britain, to occupy Austria. The country was then segregated into four regions.

The report uncovered that the Austrian National Day would be an off for all, be it a shop or any other thing, except for the museums. Right! Each and every museum would be open and that too, for free. Some other firms, including government ministries, would also be seen open, which reiterates every year on October 26.

It was with the permission of the four divided zones that an Austrian government was democratically chosen. Later, negotiations on a State Treaty, which ended the Austrian occupation, concluded in 1955's spring.

"On behalf of President Obama and the people of the USA, I congratulate the people of Austria as you celebrate your National Day on October 26, the 58th anniversary of Austrian neutrality", stated John Kerry for the President.