Twitter to Satisfy the Hunger for I.P.O.’s

When facebook was going to be public in 2012, the owner of the company raised some signs of hopes that the broad interest in the company would increase a small rise in the new stock offerings.

After the facebook became popular, it seems that twitter may be the most eagerly awaited market debutante. But, very few people approached it, making it not to rise up to that level of market expectations. In some terms, it will have to be just one of the several billion dollars Initial public offline (IPO), this year.

This week, twitter has started an eight city road show, in order to sell its shares to the big institutional shareholders. These stakeholders include Fidelity, Blackrock and Legg Mason. Twitter is expecting to step forward in one of the strongest markets for I. P. O.'s in the upcoming three years.

In May 2012, facebook had suffered an initial fall in its stock market debut. But then also the investors had shown an increase in demand for their initial offerings. They have showed their eager and planned to take risks at the times, when there will be a stock increase in the new public companies. All the investors did so in their hopes to attain big rewards.