Telekom Austria Group Comes up With 'SMARTify'

According to a latest report, the Telekom Austria Group has come up with a new solution called 'SMARTify'. This product is the introduction of a smart metering system and marks the onset of smart measurement scenario.

The SMARTify has been designed as a SaaS or software as a service solution. The sources have revealed that this smart system will be the responsibility of the Telekom Austria Group. The group will be responsible for its IT infrastructure, the software and the maintenance work of this latest system.

The platform will be used as a service by the electric utility providers as they will have to pay a monthly flat fee for the same. This will help in the reduction of investments, minimizing risks and achieving economies of scale.

The entry of `SMARTify' is totally risk free into the smart metering market, as is does not require investments.

According to the information by the sources, the customers can completely rely on the professional support of the Telekom Austria Group and can therefore concentrate on their businesses. This is possible because this system offers a secure networking solution.

Bernd Liebscher, Managing Director Telekom Austria Group M2M, said, "The introduction of smart metering allows for great synergies between telcos and power supply companies, enabling unparalleled cooperation between these two industries".