Survey Finds Rise in Anti-Semitism

According to a latest research, about two-third of Jews are of the opinion that anti-Semitism is a problem where they live. Also, about three-quarter of them believe this problem is increasing and spreading like fire in the present scenario.

The survey acknowledged that anti-Jewish attitudes have increased to a great extend over the past recent years.

The EU's Fundamental Rights Agency has taken the opinion of about 5,847 Jewish people in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The agency says that these are collectively home to about to 90% of Europe's Jews.

Out of the surveyed people about 66% believe that anti-Semitism is a menace that still exists and about 76% believe that this menace has drastically increased over the past five years.

According to a latest report, about 48% people from Hungry, 46% from France and about 40% from Belgium say that they have considered emigrating due to safety concerns.

Also, According to the survey, one in five men claim that they have personally experienced an anti-Semitic insult, verbally and physically.

The survey reveals that about 52% of the Jewish people in France have been through anti-Semitism. Whereas this percentage is lesser in the UK, as only 11% people of UK have faced such a problem in their own country.