French President Hollande in Israel for Official Visit

French President Francois Hollande is in Israel for three-day official visit. One of the main topics discussed between Mr. Hollande and President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is nuclear talks.

Mr. Hollande has assured that his country would maintain a tough stand in a meeting to take place with Iran with regard to nuclear proliferation. This led him win great appreciation from Israeli hosts. With this, Mr. Hollande has also mentioned that he would maintain pressure on Iran when it comes to nuclear talks.

"If there hadn't been sanctions, if they hadn't been enforced, it's clear that we would never even have had the words from Iran - and I don't yet speak of actions", said Mr. Hollande.

He affirmed that discussions with regard to nuclear proliferation have been taking place for a number of years. It is a high time now that things should be resolved as from the side of Iran, no action has taken place.

In fact, Netanyahu said the international community will give liberty to Iran when it comes to economic sanctions. But in order to have the same, Iran needs to curb the nuclear program as a number of countries have been thinking that Iran is thinking to come up with a nuclear weapon.