Australian Icebreaker gets stuck in Antarctica

According to a latest report, Aurora Australis, which is an Australian Antarctic icebreaker, is reported to be jammed due to heavy sea-ice.

According to sources, this ship, which is of bright orange color, is about 180 nautical miles off Davis station. It has also been revealed that it is trying its level best in order to head back towards Hobart after a summer mission.

According to the images shown by the Satellite, Aurora is surrounded by about 60 nautical miles of heavy sea-ice. These images depict a clear picture of the icebreaker and its condition from the space.

Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) director Dr. Tony Fleming said that the 24 people who were boarded on it are completely safe at the moment.

Dr. Fleming said that there are enough supplies as well as fuel in the icebreaker. Also, it has been claimed by the researchers that the fuel can last for some time on the ship with no risk of food or water running low.

Dr. Fleming said, ""While some projects, mainly those scheduled for Macquarie Island, will be affected by the changes, the impacts are expected to be minor".

He also added that weather and ice are part of functioning in the Antarctic environment and there are arrangements in order to withstand the weather delays.