Ukrainian Protestors Smashed Lenin Statue

The new report states that Ukrainian protestors have collapsed the statue of Vladimir Lenin, founder of Soviet Union in Kiev. The protestors had done this in their huge protest against those leaders, who they believe had done wrong in dragging their country away from the European Union. They blame such leaders responsible for turning their country into Moscow's grasp.

About hundreds of thousands of people continued their protest to maintain pressure on Viktor Yanukovich, President of the country, and his government to resign from their post. This protest was continued at the Independence Square and surrounding areas in Kiev for the second Sunday.

After suffering through continuous pressure of rampant corruption, widespread poverty and the lavish wealth of politicians forced Ukrainians to come on streets. The thing that raised Ukrainians anger was the previous month's historic deal signed by the Mr. Yanukovich to make a move closer to the EU.

In the first weekend of the protest, riot police had scolded protestors and journalists, who were involved in the protest. This has lead to an increase in number of protestors. Lyudmilla Shevchuk, one of the protestor, said: "We are sick of the way we live, and how they lie and steal and beat our children. We want to go towards Europe".