Europe’s Youngest Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has taken office

According to a latest report, after the formation of the new coalition government in Spain, Europe's youngest foreign minister has taken the office and is all set to perform his duties.

Sources recently revealed that the age of the new foreign minister is 27 and he was one of those people who were nominated as well as confirmed by the Austrian President.

Heinz Fischer confirmed Sebastian Kurz as one of the 12 ministers in the capital Vienna. Sources say that before taking this present responsibility, Mr. Kurz performed the duties of state secretary for integration.

Austria's ruling bloc, which included the Social Democrats and the conservative People's Party, won the elections in the month of September this year.

According to statistics by sources, it has been witnessed that The Social Democrats managed to come on top with about 27.1% and the People's Party got 23.8%.

Mr. Kurz also earned praise in his previous post, where he was working hard with schools as well as with Muslim immigrants. Sources say that he was seen as a rising star in the People's Party earlier as well.

He also followed many revolutionary techniques as a secretary, according to sources. These techniques include a policy of integrating immigrants into Austrian society. This was done by making their children speak German before entering school.