Airbus Second in Terms of Airplane Sales

European aircraft maker Airbus has achieved second position in terms of finished airplane delivery. Despite of the fact that Airbus has left its US rival Boeing in sales records of 2013, but still its records comes out to be 22 less than the Boeing Co. in terms of actual sales.

Airbus conglomerate declared on Monday that it had delivered 626 planes in 2013, but is still facing a high bar in the 2014 reports. In 2013, the orders of Airbus increased to about 1,619, which was more than twice the expectations of the company management.

The company said that it was also having an order to deliver 5,559 jets by the end of 2013, which was equivalent to its past eight year’s production. Fabrice Bregier, top Executive of Airbus, along with John Leahy, commercial Director, said: “The market was extremely bullish. More bullish than John or me would have thought”.

Mr. Leahy said that losing from Boeing with 22 less sales does not affect their company. He added that their company is having huge number of orders of Single-aisle aircraft than wide-body jets these days.

Airbus claims that their A380, superjumbo airplane, also withstands the demands of air travelers by offering comfortable and wider seats to its passengers for long journeys.