State Police Identifies Man Shot outside Vienna Mall on Tuesday

The name of the man who was shot dead on Tuesday by a Parkersburg Police officer has been identified as Steven Lewis Pfalzgraf. He was 24 years old and belonged to Parkersburg. The confirmation came from West Virginia State Police Sgt. Michael Baylous.

Steven and two others attempted a robbery at Toys R Us in Vienna near the Grand Central Mall on Tuesday afternoon, said Baylous. But the other two managed to escape.

Response came from State Police with other law enforcement agencies in Wood and surrounding counties to take actions against the robbery attempt. During the operation, one male suspect attracted a bullet by a Parkersburg Police officer at the scene, which led him to death.

Baylous said other two suspects are a male and a female. He further described that the male with brown hair is in his early 20s and the lady is white and has blond hair. Both the suspects somehow managed to evade the police.

Further insight into the matter will be provided as soon as more information is available, said Baylous. Baylous added that one of the suspects died after he drove a car towards an officer who felt threatened and fired a shot at him. The driver died after the bullet caused him severe injury.