Giant Pacific Octopus Encountered by two Scuba Divers

A beautiful eight-legged Giant Pacific octopus has been encountered by two scuba divers off Bluefish Cove in Carmel, CA, earlier this month. David Malvestuto and Warren Murray, the two divers and underwater photographers, spotted the octopus with the help of their large, expensive, professional underwater camera, 80-feet beneath the ocean's surface.

At first, the divers were unable to spot the octopus because of its color-changing ability. The octopus was perfectly camouflaged to match with pink and yellow rock beneath the ocean surface. But later, Murray noticed a slight blink in the left eye of the octopus and he went closer to it with his camera.

The octopus cleverly grabbed Murray's camera inside its entire body and the fight between Murray and the octopus was beautifully recorded by the Malvestuto. The divers were surprised on seeing the octopus at a depth of 80-feet as these camelion-like sea creatures are usually found at a depth of 200-600 feet.

These giant Pacific octopuses generally have lifespan of three to five years and can grow as wide as 16 feet with weight of 110 pounds. These creatures are found mainly in the northern Pacific Ocean, but can be found anywhere from California to China.

According to marine biologists, Giant Pacific Octopuses are agile, smart and sneaky with about 2,000 suction cups and dots that help them enhance their ability of smell in order to detect their prey.