AG Schneiderman Decides to Provide Police Officers with Drug Overdose Antidote

New York has witnessed a rise in number of deaths from heroin and prescription drugs overdose. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has come up with the Community Overdose Prevention program.

As per the plan, police officers across the state will be having naloxone as a part of a life-saving kit. For past many years, the antidote is present in emergency rooms. It works by reviving breathing in minutes to someone who has taken overdose of heroin or painkillers.

The restored breathing allows them to get to hospital. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office said the funding for the program would come from $5 million seized from criminal and civil investigations of drug dealers.

Ben Akselrod, Head of We're One Community, has praised Schneiderman's decision. "As the prescription drug abuse epidemic has shifted to heroin abuse because of state regulations carefully monitoring the dispensing of controlled substances at the pharmacy level, we must address the life and death issue", said Akselrod.

He further affirmed that in January, he had asked the New York City Police Department to provide the antidote to police officers in Patrol Borough Brooklyn South. The drug has no side effect and has the ability to save lives. Therefore, it is vital for police officials to have it as soon as possible, said Akselrod.

There is a need to introduce it as more delay means more tragedies will take place, warned Akselrod. As per official record, heroin overdose deaths have increased 84% between 2010 and 2012 in New York State.