Footage of skydiver's narrow miss with 'meteorite' has been seen 1.5 million times on YouTube

According to Norwegian website NRK, an astounding YouTube video footage of a skydiver's close encounter with a passing 'meteorite' - back in June 2012 -has surpassed 1.5 million views thus far. The video footage was posted on YouTube just four days back.

The incident took place in southern Norway. The footage was filmed on skydiver Anders Helstrup's own head cam; and it shows what looks like a huge rock hurtling by at high speed as Helstrup was skydiving.

With the video footage showing that Helstrup narrowly missed a hit with what appears to be a passing 'meteorite' falling to the Earth, the southern Norway region has been combed to look for the space rock, ever since the June
2012 incident.

For the last nearly two years, Helstrup himself has been trying to find out what the mysterious black object was which sped past him that day. The space rock was travelling at approximately 300 km/h and it missed Helstrup only by a few meters.

In the opinion of some specialists, the object which Helstrup narrowly missed was probably in "dark flight" - a particular section of a meteorite's descent when it stops glowing after its entry into the atmosphere. However, some skeptical people feel that the supposed meteorite did not appear to be travelling fast enough.