Childhood Obesity could Cost US$19,000 Per child over a Lifetime: Study

Childhood obesity now has an estimated price tag attached to it. Researchers from the Duke Global Health Institute and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore have found childhood obesity costs $19,000 more than lifetime cost of normal weight children.

More than 33% of children and adolescents in the US are obese or overweight, reveals the CDC. The topic has already attracted a lot of attention, but nothing much positive seems to be taking place.

More alarming was when the researchers multiplied the estimated price tag by the number of obese 10-year-olds in the US and the cost for that particular age group was found to be around roughly $14 billion.

Lead author Eric Andrew Finkelstein said, "These estimates provide the financial consequences of inaction and the potential medical savings from obesity prevention efforts that successfully reduce or delay obesity onset".

To come up with the estimation about lifetime medical costs linked with childhood obesity, researchers have assessed and updated the available evidence. Along with this, researchers also calculated the lifetime cost for normal weight children who turn obese in their adulthood and it was found to be $12,900 per person.

Obesity is associated with a number of diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease to type 2 diabetes and some cancers as well. Researchers were of the view that public health interventions should be a priority. But it shall however, be noted that the priority shall be based on their ability to improve health at an affordable cost.

This leads to have an understanding of cost implications of obesity prevention efforts. And, for that it is vital to properly calculate the burden of childhood obesity if not treated recursion.