NASA Signs 20-Year Property Agreement with Space X

On April 14, 2014, a property agreement was signed between Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) of Hawthorne and NASA. As per the contract, NASA will allow Space X to use pad 39 A at Kennedy for 20 years.

Space X will be using the platform to support its commercial launch activities. It will operate and maintain the facility on its own expense. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said the agreement opens a new chapter for space exploration and the commercial aerospace industry.

"While SpaceX will use pad 39A at Kennedy, about a mile away on pad 39B, we're preparing for our deep space missions to an asteroid and eventually Mars", affirmed Bolden. On parallel paths, extraordinary activities will be taking place.

At one place, US commercial companies provide access to low-Earth orbit and NASA carrying out deep space exploration mission. Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO of Space X said the company will maximize the use of the pad for the benefit of the Gwynne Shotwell and the American taxpayer.

The agreement involving the reuse of pad 39A is part of NASA's efforts to make Kennedy Space Center a 21st century launch complex that is able to support the missions of government and commercial users.

Center Director Bob Cabana welcomed SpaceX to the list of growing partners of Kennedy Space Center. Cabana further affirmed that it feels quite gratifying to see the multi-space port being used by the both government and commercial partners. It seems that their plans are actualizing.

Originally, launch complex 39A was created to support NASA's Apollo Program. Later, it was modified to support the Space Shuttle Program. On November 9, 1967, the pad was used for the first time to launch Apollo 4. It is also the site from the Apollo 11 lifted off.