Light Colored Butterflies and Dragonflies Survive Better in Warmer Temperatures

As temperature is rising in European countries, light colored butterflies and dragonflies are surviving better in high temperatures than dark colored species.

A research carried out by University of Copenhagen, Philipps-University Marburg and Imperial College London said lighter colored species are registering success when it comes to surviving in warmer climates.

On the other hand, darker colored species are found migrating to cooler places. For the research, researchers have studied 107 dragonfly species and 366 butterfly species across Europe. Researchers studied them over a period of 18 years and found insects to be becoming lighter in color.

Darker colored insects moved to cooler places. One of the researchers, Carsten Rahbek said they have got to know that light-colored butterflies are doing better in warmer world. "We have also demonstrated that the effects of climate change on where species live are not something of the future, but that nature and its ecosystems are changing as we speak", affirmed Rahbek.

The latest study shows a direct link between climate change and its effect on insects. There are many species of dragonfly that have immigrated to Germany including the Scarlet Darter, Southern Migrant Hawker and the Dainty Damselfy.

Also, butterfly species like Southern Small White have been seen for the first time in Germany in 10 years. They are adapting to warmer climates. Another thing noticed is color of the insects determining the level of energy their body can absorb from the sun.

Darker colored insects can absorb more light and are found in cooler climatic areas. On the other hand, lighter colored insects have the ability to bounce back the sunlight to avoid overheating.