Philips teases prototype 'Hue' notification center widget for iOS 8

In a recently-posted Twitter image, Philips has apparently teased technology enthusiasts with a prototype 'Hue' notification center widget for Apple's newest iOS version - iOS 8.

Despite the fact that the image - posted to the Philips Hue Dev account on Twitter - is just a concept prototype, it nonetheless indicates that Philips is seemingly looking to support the new widget feature in the iOS 8 version.

The posting of the image of Philips' prototype 'Hue' notification center widget for iOS 8 comes within days of Apple's announcement - made during the company's keynote address at the WWDC event in San Francisco - that the launch of iOS 8 will give their-party apps the ability to include widgets for Notification Center.

With the Philips Hue already being a notably effective and convenient way of setting up a connected home lighting system, the changes which Apple has made in the iOS 8 update will further make the Hue even simpler. Hue has already built a concept of how its widget might work in iOS 8.

The integration of Hue controls into the Notification Center will enable the owners of the advanced lighting system to quickly switch the lights 'On' or 'Off.' In addition, users can also change the colors of the lights, without needing to unlock the phone or launch a dedicated app.