Feedly and Evernote hit by DDoSattacks this week

Online services Feedly and Evernote were hit by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks this week. The DDoS attack first began on June 10; and both Feedly and Evernote have revealed that they have been affected by the attack.

Details of the mechanism which was used for the DDoS attack on the RSS feed reader service Feedlyand the Evernote note-taking platform have not been fully disclosed. However, the attacks which struck Feedly and Evernote were apparently somewhat different from a typical DDoS attack in which a massive flood of data from several locations targets a server; thereby leading to the disruption of the normal operations of the site that has been victimized.

According to a blog post by Feedly, the Feedly DDoS attackers had a financial incentive, as against the random act without purpose.

About the attack, Feedly said in the blog post: "The attacker is trying to extort us money to make it stop. We refused to give in and are working with our network providers to mitigate the attack as best as we can."

Meanwhile, acknowledging the DDoS attack this week, Evernote said in a Twitter post that is actively working towards neutralizing the DDoS; and added: "You may experience problems accessing your Evernote while we resolve this."

Finally, Evernote was fully restored to all users on all of its supported platforms by 7:51 p. m. PDT on June 11.