Reuters: Mass production on Apple iWatch could start in July

A new report from Reuters has indicated that the mass production on Apple's much-rumored smartwatch - the Apple iWatch - will likely commence in July. The reported timeline of iWatch mass production hints at a potential October launch window for the smartwatch which will mark Apple's foray into the wearable arena.

The Reuters report, based on the information shared by unidentified sources "familiar with the matter," said that the production on the Apple iWatch will be handled by Taiwanese firm Quanta Computer.

The sources have reportedly revealed that the Apple iWatch will have a "slightly rectangular" design and will sport a 2.5-inch flexible OLED screen, diagonally, which will likely be manufactured by LG Display Co Ltd. The display will seemingly be square, rectangular, and circular.

The smartwatch will probably feature a watch face which juts out from its band; and will seemingly ship with a sensor that can tracks the pulse of the users.

Moreover, `fitness' will apparently to be a key focus for the iWatch, especially since Apple has recently unveiled its HealthKit API which centralizes health and fitness data from a wide array of apps and accessories.