NASA Postpones Launch of its SubTec-6 Rocket for 3rd Time this week

Yet again, NASA has postponed the launch of rocket from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. NASA said due to poor scientific conditions, boats wandered into the hazard zone during launch preparations, which led it to postpone the launch of SubTec-6.

Main aim of the launch of SubTec-6 is to assess a deployment system for the formation of vapor clouds. Now, NASA has decided to launch SubTec-6 on Tuesday at 4:35 a. m. NASA said it will unveil further information as the rocket gets launched.

The vehicle will be testing a new and cost-effective attitude solution system and a mini-deployment actuator for CubeSat spacecraft.

As per experts, if the rocket's launch turns out to be successful, then NASA will be able to know various important facts about clouds, their formation and other environmental changes. In the past few years, NASA realized the need of having improved technology with regard to vapor cloud formation.

NASA and other institutions also realized to put in efforts to have improved telemetry. The launch of SubTec-6 is one of the efforts in that direction. The rocket launch will allow scientists to measure wind patterns starting at 68 miles above the earth.

Researchers will track the wind in space for studies of the ionosphere. NASA has cancelled the test for the third time. "We fully understand (and are also experiencing) the disappointment of not seeing the launch take place; however we must always take in account public safety, we greatly appreciate the marine traffic working with us", affirmed Wallops public relations.

Not only SubTec-6 rocket launch has got delayed, but weather pattern has disrupted the test schedule of other new sub-orbital rocket technologies as well.