Blue Objects Feel Warmer to Touch than Red Ones

If findings of a new study are to be believed then blue objects are the ones that feel warmer than the red ones to the touch of the same temperature. All participants were taken into a pitch-dark room by researchers at the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation in Japan. The room had a temperature-control plate that was lit up in either blue or red.

The participants were asked to place their hands on the surface and reveal if they felt warm to the touch. It was found by the researchers that red-colored surfaces needed to be heated about 0.5 degrees Celsius more than blue ones in order to provide the feeling of warmness to the participants through the touch.

Hsin-Ni Ho, the study's lead author, said that he was surprised with the results of his study because he was always used to think that red objects should feel warm and blue objects should feel cold. But, what the study suggested them was completely opposite.

The results of the current study have debunked the findings of previous studies in which red or blue light made people feel warmer or cooler. Ho said that people tend to perceive the temperatures of objects when touched directly. It has to do a lot with the mind because people have a common belief that red objects are warmer than blue to the touch. And due to this fact, more heat is required to notice the difference.

"When you look at a red object you expect it to be warm. You have something already in your mind. The contrast between the expectation and actual temperature perception will influence what you feel", said Ho.