Sapphire glass panel of iPhone 6 undergoes torture tests

With some previous reports having revealed that Apple's next-generation iPhone - the iPhone 6 - will boast a sapphire glass panel, instead of the Corning Gorilla Glass, the display of the forthcoming iPhone has been put through a number of torture tests of late, to determine its durability.

According to a video posted on YouTube by HK Apple Daily last week, the purported sapphire glass panel of iPhone 6 has not only undergone the usual series of scratch testing, stabbing, pounding, twisting, and bending, but has also been put through savage assessment involving fire and, eventually, a car running over.

The video reveals that the highly sturdy sapphire glass panel of iPhone 6 - which will reportedly come aboard the 4.7-inch model of the new iPhone - is extremely hard to break. After the heavy testing which the handset has been subjected to, the panel was finally broken by a car weighing 1.6 tons.

The video showed that the maximum damage to the iPhone 6 model crushed under the car was at the edge which first made contact with the tire. With the sapphire front cover of the handset breaking off cleanly, without `spiderwebbing,' the video highlights that the sapphire panel used for the handset has been strengthened and possibly made of laminated layers.

The heavy testing clearly proves that the purported sapphire glass panel of iPhone 6 - to be launched in September - will be the sturdiest material to have been used by Apple on its iPhones thus far.