Massachusetts Reports First Case of EEE Virus for This Year

Owing to recent weather conditions of Massachusetts, arrival of the eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEE) has been reported in the state. The state's department of health informed one person has been infected with EEE.

On July 15, the test was carried out in Plymouth County for EEE and it came out positive. It is the first case for 2014 when the virus has been reported in the state. The virus is extremely infectious and comes from mosquitoes. The virus leads to inflammation in brain and one-third of the cases are quite deadly.

There are more chances that western Massachusetts will witness a rise in the disease. Also, it is being said that the mosquitoes may not have brought the virus to the state. Potential carrier can be birds as they can travel long distances. Mosquitoes bite birds and then these birds infect humans.

American Pest Solutions entomologist Bob Russell said bacteria live in the gut of mosquitoes. It can be excreted through saliva when bitten and that is how transmission of the disease takes place.

Precautions that should be taken include wearing long clothing so that mosquito cannot bite. People should also put in use bug spray having chemical DEET. Also, they should avoid going to wet and wooded areas.

Dusk and early morning hours are the prime times of getting attacked by the mosquitoes. As per experts, mild summer weather across the United States this year has proved beneficial for mosquitoes. Owing to the weather, mosquito population is increasing at a faster pace. Risk of the mosquito-borne illnesses increases due to rise in mosquito population.

Americans have been advised to stay cautious from the virus, which was discovered in Massachusetts in 1831 when 75 horses died of the illness.