Deadlier Storms Possible Even During Dry Summers

According to the warning from a new report on climate change, people can face deadlier storms even in dryer summers. Researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research say that extreme weather have become more common in the northern hemisphere. It is because weather gets trapped in the same place as the world is getting warmer.

"Weather extremes in the summer, such as a record heatwave in the United States that hit corn farmers and worsened wildfires in 2012, have reached an exceptional number in the last 10 years", said the researchers.

There can be changes to jet stream because of change in temperature which in turn can disrupt weather patterns across the Arctic. Some of the waves become virtually stalled and greatly bigger during periods with extreme weather.

The U. N. panel of climate scientists says that the burning of fossil fuels is the main cause of recent warming. Other studies recommended that the recent winter cold snaps like the one in the United States this year may have been caused because of melting Arctic, natural variation or changes in the Pacific Ocean.

These disruptions in the jet stream and cold air from the melting of Arctic ice may explain that why weather systems are stalling. The atmosphere is warming by releasing carbon dioxide from fossil fuels but the rise in heat waves in regions such as Europe or the U. S. seems unbalanced, lead author Dim Coumou said in a statement.