Ford adding 1,200 workers and second production shift for Transit van at KC Assembly Plant

Joe Hinrichs - Ford Motor Co's President of the Americas - officially announced on Thursday that Ford Motor has efforts underway to add a second shift of production for its new Transit van, which was launched at dealerships in June this year.

According to Hinrichs, the addition of the second production shift for Transit will lead to the creation of 1,200 new jobs at Ford's Kansas City (KC) Assembly Plant in Claycomo. The 1,200 workers have already been hired by Ford; and they will likely start working at the plant in late November.

The second production shift has been added by Ford for the Transit van in an attempt to meet growing demand for the vehicle. Despite the fact that Autodata Corp figures show that Ford has thus far sold only 2,085 Transit vans through August, the automaker has said that the demand for the van is gradually increasing and will likely continue to surge through the year.

In a recent press release, Hinrichs has touted Ford's new Transit van as a "game-changer." The first big-fleet deal for the Transit van was signed by Ford last month, cable TV firm Charter Communications ordered more than 800 units of the van.

Against the backdrop of Ford's announcement of adding 1,200 workers and another shift to its KC Assembly Plant, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said in a written statement that the move "further cements Missouri's position as a leader in next-generation automotive manufacturing."