Aberdeen streets are most polluted in Scotland, study

According to a new study by a leading environmental pressure group, Aberdeen streets are among the most polluted in Scotland

Market Street and Wellington Road were listed as among the worst of 19 streets in Scotland including levels of tiny particulate matter that are generated by car exhausts, according to Friends of the Earth Scotland
(FOTES).King Street and Union Street were on the list of worst offenders in the country.

The report also showed that Wellington Road, Union Street and Market Street also recorded higher than the European legal limit for nitrogen dioxide levels. The report showed that there were dangers of air pollution, stating that 2,094 people in Scotland due to airborne pollutants compared to 1,100 deaths due to alcohol and 172 to road traffic accidents.

Emilia Hanna, an air pollution campaigner for FOTES said, "Yet again, Scotland's streets are shown to have dangerous levels of toxic pollution which are breaking legal limits that were due to be met in 2010.Air pollution is responsibly for more than 2,000 deaths in Scotland each year, and costs the NHS here up to £2 billion annually. The time has come for our polluted air to be treated as the public health crisis it really is."

Hanna also said that the Scottish Government is required to cut traffic levels and clean up vehicle emission standards. He said that there is a need for plans for low emissions zone in Aberdeen covering the city centre and commuter key routes.

Councillor Ross Grant, the City Council's representative for transport and regeneration pointed out that the city is investing heavily into promoting public transport including new hydrogen buses and also said that plans for implementing low emission zones will be considered.