Researcher developsingle molecule device

A team of researchers have created the world’s first single molecule device that can have far reaching impact in the field of nanotechnology.

The team led by Indo-American scientistLathaVenkataraman developed a method to create a working diode made of a single molecule. The researcher claims that the single-molecule diode is much improved than earlier nanoscale diodes. Venkataraman said that the device is the first of its kind in the world and works 50 times better than the previous versions of diodes.

She also pointed out that the single-molecule device may have some real world implications in the field of nanotechnology.The new research will offer an insight in functional miniaturisation that might be developed for electronic device.

“Our new device represents the ultimate in functional miniaturisation that can be achieved for an electronic device. It’s amazing to be able to design a molecular circuit, using concepts from chemistry and physics, and have it do something functional. It is truly a triumph to be able to create something that you will never be able to physically see and that behaves as intended,” said Venkataraman.

She added that the team is looking forward to better understand the fundamental physics governing the device so that it can improve the rectification ratios of the device.