Apple cider vinegar helps lower blood sugar

According to a new study, apple cider vinegar might be helpful in lowering blood-sugar levels due to a mild effect on gastric emptying.

Experts also pointed out that apple cider vinegar has benefits but it is not a cure to a disease. Much like other natural remedies, apple cider vinegar has been known to provide several benefits for good health and some believe that it is helpful in reducing weight.

Experts disagreed with the widely held notion that it is helpful in reducing weight and said that it is not a cure to obesity. Some say that apple cider vinegar is reasonably safe for experimentation indicating that even if it does not offer many benefits as popularly believed, it will not cause any harm to the body if consumed as a cure for obesity.

Others suggest that apple cider vinegar is useful for healthy hair and is believed to be a detoxifier for hair. They also believe that it protects the scalp and might even cure chronic dandruff.Some people just outright drink the vinegar believing that it helps their digestive systems. Some even say that it has amazing skin cleansing powers but scientists have said that its use is not harmful and can be tried but they are doubtful over its claimed benefits.