Volvo planning to use robots for garbage collection

Automotive giant, Volvo has said that it is planning to use robots for one of the most monotonous jobs, garbage collection.

The company is partnering with universities and waste management firm Renova on a project titled, Robot-based Autonomous Refuse handling. The project is aiming to use robots to pick up garbage while a human handler controls the robots from the truck. It is believed that the robots might be tested in June 2016 but some believe that it could take much longer for such a robot to be developed.

Experts said that ROAR will not be applied in the real world until the robots are capable of reliably emptying cans and garbage cans on the streets. At present, garbage collection is still largely done by human beings as garage is sometimes not packed properly and humans are needed to stack the garbage.Volvo is imaging a future that will involve robots collecting garbage from the streets. Robots will not replace the jobs entirely as humans will still be needed to drive the truck and oversee the robots.

According to Per-LageGötvall, project leader for the Volvo Group, "Within Volvo Group we foresee a future with more automation. This project provides a way to stretch the imagination and test new concepts to shape transport solutions for tomorrow."