Don’t Stop Gay, Bisexual Men from Donating Blood, says FDA

Now, it will be illegal to stop gay and bi-sexual men from donating blood to area blood banks as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has lifted a three-decade-old ban. The decision has been taken after a medical research whose results were favoring gay and bi-sexual men.

The federal agency said HIV and some other sexually transmitted diseases from men to men contact are at low risk for blood supply compromise. It means that gay and bi-sexual men will not be able to give blood, after about 30 years.

Monica Serling-Swank of the Sioux Falls Center for Equality said the FDA has taken a historical step to lift the decades old ban. Education on medical sectors has allowed the agency to move forward and take a welcoming decision, Serling-Swank added. “Eventually in the long-run, we're hoping that it will become total acceptance and we won't have to worry about any of the discrimination”, according to Serling-Swank.

If we see back, it is not wrong to say that 2015 was a dream year for gay, lesbian, transgender and bi-sexual people. In June, the United States Supreme Court announced a decision in favor of marriage equality to more acceptances of gender identity. And now, FDA has given equal rights to gay and bi-sexual men to donate blood.

The ban was imposed by FDA in 1980s. That time, it prohibited men who had sex with men from donating blood amid fears that diseases like HIV would compromise the blood supply. Now, new research says – that's not true.