HP to launch ‘Sprout Pro’ PC for educational and enterprise markets next month

In a move underscoring part of Hewlett-Packard (HP)’s strategy to differentiate its computers via innovative “immersive” technologies, the company has announced a new version of its Sprout consumer creativity PC.

The new Sprout version announced by HP is called ‘Sprout Pro.’ It is an all-in-one desktop, chiefly aimed at the educational and enterprise markets. About the availability and pricing of the Sprout Pro, HP has revealed that the new Sprout PC will be available for purchase in February; with its cost beginning at $2,199.

HP has revealed that it plans to put its new Sprout Pro PC in hundreds of schools. The move will mark HP’s invasion into an arena long dominated by tech giant Apple, which has a firm toehold in classrooms with its Mac computers.

According to the details shared by Louis Kim -- HP General Manager of immersive computing -- in a recent press briefing, the technology behind the new Sprout Pro all-in-one PC can be described as “blended reality,” as it can effectively capture images of objects and turn them into digital form.

Highlighting the Sprout Pro’s capability to perform tasks which are precisely required at schools and workplaces, Kim said that the new Sprout version will largely target creative professionals, students, and teachers who can benefit from its 2D/3D scanning, augmented reality, immersive dual screen, and additional security features.