Facebook rolls out ‘live video broadcasting’ feature to iPhone users in US

According to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, social network Facebook has rolled out a new ‘live video broadcasting’ feature, which facilitates users in broadcasting their own live videos on the popular social media platform.

As per the WSJ report, the live video broadcasting feature was introduced by Facebook last Thursday. The feature can currently be accessed by iPhone users accessing the Facebook social networking app in the US.

Facebook reportedly has efforts underway to expand the availability of the new feature to users accessing Facebook on Android devices, and also to Facebook users outside the US, in “the coming weeks.”

In a recent Facebook Newsroom blog post, product manager Vadim Lavrusik has explained that the video livestream feature can be turned on easily by users. To broadcast a live video, Facebook users simply have to tap the ‘Updates Status’ option, and then select the new-introduced ‘Live Video’ icon to share live video.

Once the users complete the livestreaming process, the video which they have broadcast live gets saved to their timeline. The video can later be viewed and replayed by the users themselves as well as by their friends.