Uber changes its U-logo for current apps to update its brand identity

On Tuesday, ride-hailing startup Uber made an inexplicable change to its logo --- the company ditched its simple U-logo for its current apps, and replaced it with a somewhat weird design; in an apparent effort to create a whole new look for its service.

In reference to Uber's new logo, the company's co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick said that the new logo is "at once more grounded and elevated." The use of the new logo basically underscores Uber's attempts to update its brand identity.

In comparison to the previously-used plain U-logo by Uber, the new logo has a tighter kerning; with a more vibrant coloring, and a heavier weight of letters. The new logo also eliminates the curves which the previous logo had at the left corner of the U and on the right bottom-side of the R.

Kalanick said that, to some people, the new Uber logo will probably look "less fussy," partly because the company has "cut the curls."

In his announcement of the new Uber logo, Kalanick said: "Have you ever looked at someone's hairstyle and thought 'oh my, you peaked in the 1990s? Well that's a bit how I feel about Uber's look today."