Google: Residents of select affordable housing projects to get free gigabit-Internet service

On Wednesday, Google Fiber announced the launch of a new program under which free gigabit-Internet service will be offered to residents of some select affordable public housing projects which are connected to the fiber optic service in US cities.

According to Google, the new program announced by Google Fiber underscores an extension of the company’s collaboration with ConnectHome, an initiative undertaken by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Obama administration, to reach fast Internet connectivity to up to 200,000 children in affordable housing communities in 28 US cities.

In announcing the new program, Google Fiber said that the free gigabit-Internet service has initially been made available at West Bluff, one of the affordable housing projects in Kansas City, Mo. To mark the launch of the program at the West Bluff housing community, 100 households have been connected to Google Fiber.

In coincidence with the launch of the program offering free gigabit-Internet service to West Bluff residents, Google said that it is now working with affordable housing providers across the Kansas City area. As a result of Google’s efforts, as many as nine affordable housing projects may be connected to the Google Fiber service; thereby expanding the reach of the service to over 1,300 local families.

About Google’s efforts to reach free gigabit-Internet to residents of affordable housing projects, Google Fiber VP Dennis Kish said in a blog post: "We plan to bring gigabit Internet to select affordable housing in all of our Fiber cities."