Latest Nintendo Direct offers first glimpse at Pokemon Sun and Moon versions

In its latest Nintendo Direct video presentation on Thursday, Nintendo offered a brief, first peek at its forthcoming Pokemon-themed games --- the Pokemon Sun and Moon versions.

The newly-announced Pokemon Sun and Moon titles are scheduled to be launched on the Nintendo 3DS console this fall. The games mark the first all-new Pokemon titles to be released by Nintendo since the roll out of Pokemon X and Y in 2013.

Hinting at the new content which is expected to make way to the official Pokemon Sun and Moon games, the latest Nintendo Direct video presentation has revealed that the games will introduce Pokemon-themed vehicles.

Specifically, the presentation included concept of art of one of the Pokemon-themed vehicles containing a Blastoise on the back working as a water dispenser; while another bit of concept art unfolded a pickup truck carrying a few Pokemon in the back.

Overall, though Nintendo's official reveal of Pokemon Sun and Moon versions made up just a small fraction of the latest Nintendo Direct video, a lot of information about forthcoming content was still evident --- including new designs, a new Pokemon, trucks and ambulances, among other things.