Nintendo-themed area to be added to Universal Studios Japan by 2020

According to a Kotaku report, citing sources from Japan's Sankei News, a Nintendo-themed area at the Universal Studios Theme Park in Japan will likely be constructed by the year 2020.

The Nintendo-themed area at the Universal Studios Japan -- underscoring collaboration between Universal Studios and Nintendo -- will mark a dedicated section for the park for Nintendo properties, including Mario, Link, and other Nintendo characters and games.

Though the exact size of the section earmarked for Nintendo at Universal Studios Japan is not yet clearly known, it is reported that the section would occupy as small area of the current real estate of the theme park, along with some new overflow space which presently is devoid of any attractions.

So far as the cost of construction of the Nintendo-themed area at Universal Studios Japan is concerned, reports have revealed that the addition of the Nintendo section to the theme park will likely cost 40 billion yen (nearly US$351 million).

Meanwhile, with regard to the key attractions at the Nintendo-dedicated area at Universal Studios Japan, Nintendo had already announced in a last-year statement that “the immersive experiences will include major attractions at Universal's theme parks and will feature Nintendo's most famous characters and games.”