Instagram to start testing algorithm-based personalized feed for users

Facebook-owned photo-sharing service Instagram has revealed in a Tuesday announcement that it will start testing an algorithm- based personalized feed for its users. The announcement implies that Instagram will start rearranging the order of posts in the users' feeds, just like its parent company, Facebook.

The testing of the algorithm-based personalized feed will mark a notable shift away from the company's strictly reverse chronological order of feeds, which it has in place ever since the inception of the photo-sharing service in 2010.

Instead of following the reverse chronological order for the posts appearing in users' feeds, Instagram will now test the ordering of posts on the basis of "the likelihood you'll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post."

As such, the testing of the algorithm-based personalized feed by Instagram will ensure that the posts at the top of the users' feeds include photos and videos that the company thinks they will most want to see from the people they follow. The reordering of the posts will, thus, not take into account the time those posts were originally shared.

Instagram has revealed that the testing of the algorithm-based personalized feed will start at a slow pace. The company said that, in the initial testing period, "all the posts will still be there, just in a different order;" and added that, eventually, it may completely filter out low-quality posts from the users' feeds.