FBI: iPhone-unlocking mechanism is applicable to other smartphones

According to a Reuters report, a memo released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Friday has confirmed that the mechanism used by the agency for cracking an iPhone used by a San Bernardino shooter can be applied to other smartphones as well.

The FBI has also said in the memo that it would offer assistance - in terms of sharing the iPhone-unlocking mechanism - to State and Local law enforcement agencies that need to break into an encrypted mobile handset to gain access to data stored on it.

As per the Reuters report, the FBI has also said in the memo that it is fully aware of the challenges faced by law enforcement authorities due to lack of requisite tools for monitoring and investigating the communications of suspects who use encrypted smartphones.

The FBI also asserted that, in accordance with its long-standing policy, it will consider providing access to all tools which it considers helpful to State and Local law enforcement authorities.

In confirming that the iPhone-unlocking mechanism is also applicable to other handsets, the FBI implicitly told other law enforcement agencies: "Please know that we will continue to do everything we can to help you consistent with our legal and policy constraints."