Sega’s Mega Drive Classics Hub to be available as free update for Steam users on April 28

In a recent announcement, Sega has revealed that its Steam catalog of classic Genesis and Mega Drive games is being updated with a new 3D interface --- the Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub.

Announcing the Classics Hub, Sega said that the new interface will be available as a free update for Steam users with effect from April 28, 2016. To benefit from the update, players should own any classic game from Sega’s extensive library of emulated 16-bit classic games on Steam.

Revealing that the Mega Drive Classics Hub will be a new front-end for emulated Sega ROMs which players already own on Steam, Sega said that the Hub will enable players to browse a virtual shelf comprising all the games they have purchased for the 1998-launched Mega Drive console, which is called Genesis in the US. From the Hub, players will be able to gain fast and easy access to dozens of games from Sega’s library of 16-bit titles.

According to the details shared by Sega, Mega Drive Classics Hub will come with support for more than 40 Genesis games.

In addition, the Hub will also support controllers, keyboards, and optional graphics enhancement filters. It will also give players the ability to save at any point during game play.