Facebook launches new Moments version in Europe and Canada

On Tuesday, Facebook announced the launch of a new, stripped-down global version of its Facebook Moments private photo-sharing app; almost one year after the availability of the app in the US in June 2015. The new version of the Moments app has been launched by Facebook in Europe and Canada.

According to a TechCrunch report, the key difference between the Facebook Moments app for the US market and the new version of the app for
Europe and Canada is that the new version comes without the facial recognition feature.

The US version of Facebook Moments uses facial recognition technology for grouping together the users' photos based on their friends featured in the photos.

However, since the use of the facial recognition feature in the US version of Moments app has raised privacy concerns in international markets, the feature has been removed by Facebook in the newly-launched global version of Moments app.

Revealing that the global version of Moments app has been modified to remove the facial recognition feature, Facebook told TechCrunch that the new version cannot automatically identify the people in the photos; and. As such, it groups together photos which "appear to include the same face."