Google launches SyntaxNet AI software system and new English language parser

In a Thursday post on the company blog, Alphabet Inc. subsidiary Google announced the launch of a new open-source neural network framework called SyntaxNet, along with a new English language parser -- Parsey McParseface -- which has been trained using SyntaxNet.

Announcing the launch of the SyntaxNet software programming toolkit and its Parsey McParseface natural language tool, Google said that the new products can now be distributed or modified by anyone for free.

The launch of SyntaxNet and its Parsey McParseface component underscores an apparent move by Google to democratize the tools used for developing apps which are powered by machine learning.

Describing Parsey McParseface as the world's most accurate model for parsing English, Google said that the free availability of the tool to developers would facilitate them in building apps which need to understand natural-language queries.

Expressing the hope that SyntaxNet open-source artificial-intelligence (AI) software system and Parsey McParseface computer program will be used effectively by developers, SyntaxNet's product manager Dave Orr said: "Our hope is that people will just use this instead of building their own. They don't have to reinvent the wheel."