Hello Games delays ‘No Man’s Sky’ launch until August

In a Friday announcement, Hello Games has revealed that the launch of ‘No Man’s Sky’ game has been delayed until August 2016.

According to the announcement made by Hello Games, the North American launch of ‘No Man's Sky’ game has been re-scheduled to August 9; while the launch of the game in Europe and the UK is now scheduled for August 10 and August 12 respectively.

Since ‘No Man’s Sky’ was previously scheduled for release, on PC and PlayStation 4 (PS4), in North America on June 21, the Friday announcement by Hello Games implies that gamers who want to explore the vast universe of the ambitious sci-fi game will have to wait for another couple of months.

About the reason behind the delay in the launch of ‘No Man’s Sky,’ Hello Games’ Sean Murray said in a recent post that there are “some key moments” in the game which require “extra polish” by the development team, so as to “bring them up to our standards.”

Murray admitted that the news about the delay of the launch of ‘No Man’s Sky’ until August would be “disappointing” for gamers, but added alongside: “Making this game is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but we are so close now, and we're prepared to make the tough choices to get it right.”