Microsoft may unveil ‘Slim’ Xbox One model at E3

According to recent rumors as well as insider tips, Microsoft will likely unveil a ‘Slim’ model of its Xbox One game console at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles.

The new Xbox One ‘Slim’ model will reportedly be called the ‘Xbox One S.’ The images of the new Xbox One model have been discovered online by a number of NeoGAF forum members. Moreover, several unidentified Xbox sources have also said in a recent confirmation to Ars that some kind of a ‘Slim’ version of the Xbox One will probably be introduced by Microsoft at the E3 event.

Going by the details shared by Xbox sources with Ars, the size of the ‘Xbox One S’ model will apparently be “40 percent” slimmer than the current Xbox One model. A large chunk of the mentioned reduction in new Xbox will result from the removal of the “power brick” of the console’s AC adapter.

Along with a notably smaller design than the current Xbox One console, the new ‘Xbox One S’ console will also boasts a horde of enhancements, including a bigger 2TB hard drive and support for 4K.

Moreover, as per a leaked image, the new ‘Xbox One S’ model will also support high-dynamic range (HDR), to provide a greater sense of contrast and stunning colors. The image also shows that the ‘Slim’ Xbox One will come with a vertical stand and a “streamlined controller.”