Chucklefish announces official ‘Starbound’ launch date --- July 22, 2016

In a recent announcement, game developer Chucklefish has announced that its indie game ‘Starbound’ is scheduled for launch on July 22, 2016.

‘Starbound’ is a 2D space adventure game, in which gamers take on the role of a character that gets lost in space, with a damaged ship. The gamers are required to repair the ship, and continue the galaxy-exploration mission, by collecting resources with the help of procedurally generated maps.

The announcement of the imminent release of Starbound has come after a nearly five-year development period, with almost three of those five years spent in Early Access on Steam. The game has been available for purchase through Steam Early Access since December 2013.

The initial availability of the ‘Starbound’ prompted early reviews of the game; and most of the noteworthy review sites praised the game and described it as highly impressive, thanks largely to its complex crafting system and freedom of player choice. The game instantly became an indie hit; with more than one million copies sold in the first week of its availability on Steam.

On July 22, Starbound is set to re-launch as Starbound v1.0, and will come with the addition of several new features like a brand new campaign, upgraded combat, updated multiplayer, an overhauled crafting system, and a number of bug fixes, among others.