CARB rejects VW’s recall proposal for 85,000 diesel vehicles

The vehicle recall proposal submitted by German automaker Volkswagen AG (VW) for 85,000 diesel-powered vehicles affected by the emissions-cheating scandal has been rejected by the California Air Resources Board

In rejecting VW's recall proposal, the CARB said in a statement that the plan which the automaker has submitted for fixing VW, Audi and Porsche diesel vehicles equipped with 3.0-liter engines rigged to cheat on emissions tests was "incomplete and deficient in a number of areas."

In its letters sent to VW and Audi executives, CARB said that the proposal lacked adequate data and did not fully demonstrate how the repair of the scandal-hit diesel vehicles would affect fuel economy, drivability, and performance. Moreover, the proposal also did not detail how average emissions levels would compare before and after the fix.

The rejection of VW's recall proposal by the CARB raises the prospect that the automaker will apparently have to buy back the 3.0-liter diesel vehicles hit by the scandal.

Hinting at the increased likelihood of vehicle buyback by VW, Rebecca Lindland - senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book - said in a statement released via e-mail: "It seems that a buyback is a definite possibility if there's not a solution that makes them street legal."