Redbox is reportedly testing out a new streaming service --- Redbox Digital

A recently published Masable report has revealed that a new digital video on-demand service for renting and watching movies is being tested out by Redbox, a company which is largely known for its DVD, Blu-ray, and video game rentals via automated retail kiosks.

The new streaming service which is being launched by Redbox to enable users to rent and watch movies is called Redbox Digital. The testing of the new service, with a select number of users, was reportedly commenced by Redbox on Friday; with the service’s accompanying app for the iPad already available on the App Store.

Redbox has not yet made any official disclosure about the pricing of the new Redbox Digital streaming app; and the types of titles to be included in the app’s library have also not been revealed as yet.

Nonetheless, it is being speculated that the new Redbox Digital streaming service will likely expand on Redbox’s existing rental business model; thereby ensuring its similarity with services like iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Video.

With the Redbox Digital service likely to work initially with Google's Chromecast and Roku devices, with other compatible devices and hardware to be added over time, the information shared on Redbox’s rental terms page reads this: "Some compatible devices may only be able to stream digital items, some only to download digital items, and some to do both."